Marijuana Facts and Information

Marijuana Facts and Information

Analyzing Various Facts About Marijuana

Also known as Cannabis as well as by other numerous names such as weed, Marijuana is the dried flowers, leaves, and the stems of the Cannabis sativa or indica plant and is intended for use as a psychoactive drug or medicine. Normally, Marijuana is green, brown, purple, gray or white in color. There are two different species of the plant: sativa and indica. Sativa plants are usually tall, loosely branched, and have very long, narrow leaves. On the other hand, indica plants are short, densely branched, and have wider leaves.The other comparison is their affect on the user. While sativa increases the user’s energy, indica brings out a relaxing and calming effect. Sativa is usually best suited for use during the day when one is more active while indica is best suited for night use due to its calming and relaxing effect. It is common for hybrids between the two plants for combination and larger crops.

How it Works

The main active ingredient in the drug is delta 9 tetrhydrocannabinol (THC). THC binds itself to cannabinoid receptors in the brain. When this active ingredient attaches itself to these receptors, the user starts getting the effects. This is because the drug mostly affects those specific parts of the human brain that have the highest concentration of the cannabinoid receptors. These affected parts include the cerebellum, the cerebral cortex, and basalia ganglia. In general, the drug works by altering the mind and changing the user’s way of thinking and feeling.

Why Marijuana Use is Common

Marijuana use is widespread all over the world. In fact, its the most used drug in the world and has been around for some time. George Washington the first president of the United States grew marijuana in his farm in fact. Its’ use is higher in young people as they are more curious to try new things and also in order fit into their peer groups but as it becomes legal state by state in the US and more accepted, the average age is increasing. In the US, the marijuana is the most commonly used as a recreational drug or a prescribed drug replacement in some states and an illicit drug in others. Today, many states in the US are legalizing the drug for adult recreation as well as for medical use and resulting in huge tax revenue for some states such as Washington which collected a whopping $70 million dollars in 2014 alone!

How common is it? 42% of people in the US have tried marijuana at least once.

So, why is it so common? Smoking marijuana can help someone relax and also get them “high”, meaning that it helps them get into a good mood. Users may became drowsy with some strains after use which aids in sleeping. High cannabinoid or “CBD” in some strains are used to ease pain in many people without inducing side effects like many prescribed medications. Some users smoke to feel hallucinated, others, smoke in order to increase their appetite as marijuana users tend to eat excessively as it may induce hunger.

Did you Know?

Beer and marijuana could be considered cousins. Beer hops are in the same family of flowering plants as marijuana.

How do People Use Marijuana?

There are many ways of using marijuana. The most common way is smoking. People smoke weed in hand-rolled cigarettes (joints), as dabs, in pipes, or bongs (water pipes). Its also smoked in blunts. Blunts are simply emptied cigars that have been partly or fully filled with marijuana. Those who love getting high but hate inhaling the smoke usually use vaporizers. Vaporizer work by pulling the main active ingredients in marijuana and collecting the vapor in a storage unit inside the device. The user then inhales the vapor and not the smoke.

People also eat weed by mixing it with food. The most popular way of eating weed is by putting it in brownies. Other ways include putting it in cookies, candy, or brewing it as tea.

Is it Addictive?

Only 9% of marijuana users ever become clinically dependent according to a study. Less than many popular recreational and medical drugs. Many studies have also found marijuana to be less harmful than alcohol and tobacco.

How Much Does Marijuana Cost?

Overall, weed is not very expensive as compared to other recreational drugs or medications. However, the price usually depends with the dealer, state, recreation or medical store and quality as some will charge more while others will charge less.