Frequently Asked Questions


  • How much marijuana can I buy at one time?

    Washington law caps the amount of weed you can purchase and possess at 28 grams, or one ounce, at any given time. You’re limited to 7 grams of any form of cannabis concentrates, however.

    If you’re more interested in edibles, you can buy and possess up to a pound of solid marijuana-infused products. The rules on liquids are even more generous, allowing up to 72 ounces at any one time.

  • Where can I consume my cannabis products legally?

    Under Washington State law, it’s illegal to open or consume marijuana or a marijuana infused product in view of the general public. Although this is a somewhat broad definition, you can generally assume it’s safe to use your products in the privacy of your own home. If you’re smoking on an outdoor balcony that overlooks a public street or public area, you would be considered to be in the view of the public, so be mindful of who might be watching.

    For tourists planning to buy recreational cannabis while in Washington, call ahead before making your reservations.  Some hotels have designated smoking rooms, others do not.  You’ll want to ask ahead of time if smoking marijuana is allowed in the room you intend to book. Smoking marijuana in a non-smoking room can result in serious problems for you.

  • Can I be charged with a DUI for marijuana use?

    Absolutely. Like alcohol, the effects of cannabis can impair your ability to drive safely, endangering other drivers. The legal limit is currently set below 5 nanograms per milliliter of blood, anyone testing higher than this will be charged with DUI if caught.

  • Can I transport my cannabis to other states?

    No. Any recreational marijuana you purchase in Washington State must be consumed in Washington state. Even if you intend to take it to another state where marijuana is legal, it’s a violation to transport your purchase outside of state lines.  You can’t take it on a plane or send it through the mail, either.

  • Can I consume my cannabis at Clear Choice?

    No, you cannot open, consume or smoke it. Consumption of cannabis product is not allowed in public.

  • Can I take the cannabis I buy here out of state?

    No way! Cannabis and cannabis products may only be consumed within the state of Washington.

  • Can I re-sell the cannabis I purchase?

    You ABSOLUTELY CANNOT resell cannabis as it is a violation of state and federal law. Only state licensed retailers may retail cannabis or cannabis products in Washington.

  • Do I have to be a Washington state resident?

    No you do not!

  • What forms of identifications are required?

    A driver’s license, instruction permit, or an identification card from any state, province of Canada, a U.S. territory, Washington D.C., or identicard issued by a Washington state department of licensing, a U.S. armed forces ID, Passport, Merchant Marine ID or a government- issued Indian Tribal ID card from Washington.
    Any expired forms of identification will NOT be accepted. No exceptions.

  • Who can buy cannabis?

    Anyone over the age of 21 with a valid form of identification.