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MJ Farms Legal Soda cannabis vape cartridges are now available at Clear Choice Cannabis in Tacoma, WA.

  • Clear Choice Cannabis
    Clear Choice Cannabis

    OG Kush Cartridges by MJ Farms

    OG Kush is a legendary West Coast strain, although curiously, its ancestry is a bit of a mystery. According to lore, its parents are Chemdawg and Hindu Kush, giving its kush bud structure that seems ubiquitous today. Various phenotypes from OG Kush have flourished like Alpha OG and Tahoe OG. OG Kush has built a loyal following among cannasseur who praise it for demolishing stress while providing a heavy euphoric high. Noted also for its earthy pine and sour lemon notes, its aroma has become a signature property. Clear Choice Cannabis proudly offers OG Kush at our Tacoma, Washington dispensary, serving both adult-use recreational users and medical marijuana patients.