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Evergreen cannabis vape cartridges and capsules are now available at Clear Choice Cannabis in Tacoma, WA. Browse our selection online today!

  • CBD Capsules (100mg) by Evergreen

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    This 100mg pack of CBD capsules from Evergreen is the perfect solution for patients looking for a simple way to take their medicine. These unobtrusive capsules are small, but the potent restful effects of the CBD contained inside will be made soon apparent after ingestion. Take a couple before bed and surrender yourself to the restful, clear-minded atmosphere the rich CBD creates for your body — and drift off to a gentle sleep.
  • THC Capsules PM Formula (100mg) by Evergreen

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    Are you an insomniac looking for a herbal alternative to regular sleep medicines? These THC capsules from Evergreen contain 100mg THC per pack, and are specially developed with a night-time formula that is geared to making going to sleep seem like less of a chore. Just take a few of these an hour before bed, and you’ll soon find yourself ready to experience a sleepful slumber that won’t leave you counting sheep.