7 Anti-Cannabis Commercials That Will Make You Laugh (Or Cry)

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No doubt, there’s far less anti-cannabis commercials than there was a decade ago. But, oh do I miss some of the most ridiculous PSAs! Boy, were there some gems!

Here are seven of the most absurd (by decade):


The Dog Whisperer

Who doesn’t remember this oldie but goodie — the girl’s dog talks to her? Better question: who hasn’t had their dog talk to them while “high?”

The Surfing Monkey

The “Surfing Monkey Coin Bank” has got to be one of the worst anti-ganja PSAs — it’s just horrible (but hilarious)! Clearly, they’ve run out of good arguments against ganja:


Like the name, this classic falls flat.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air?

You don’t need all the gold and the diamond rings. Who knew? Did Will Smith do an anti-weed PSA? Apparently, they go great with bad 1990s hip hop.


This is your brain on drugs.

This is your brain. This is your brain on drugs. Any questions?

Surgeons on Drugs

I think the moral of the story is, make sure your surgeon didn’t light up a fatty before operating on you!


In 1936, the movie “Reefer Madness” kicked off anti-cannabis hysteria. Here’s the trailer from the movie:

If you haven’t seen the entire film, it’s well worth a laugh. Fortunately, you can watch the whole film on YouTube:

Bonus: What Has Nancy Grace Been Smoking? (I want some!)

Sure, this isn’t officially a commercial, but Nancy Grace’s anti-pot crusade is just plain laughable! Nancy has long been ranting against cannabis legalization in Colorado and Washington, but her schtick just falls flat.


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